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Thinking Required

   1. Take Your Pulse

Ever thought to contrast your current objectives (for business, brand, and desired market perceptions) with how you're actually performing? Get a complete scorecard of hits, misses, and improvements relative to best practices in your industry. There is a way.

2. Plan for Growth

Get better results by doing things differently, not the same. Better results. Spectacular ones.

From quick-strike, immediate impact efforts to sustained growth initiatives, we'll help you through the transition.

3. Ensure Impact

We'll get the job done others don't know exists. From staging campaigns to equipping you with the marketing infrastructure to sustain growth, we'll see you through with precision project management, trustworthy budget management, and reliable measurement and reporting.

Everything’s a Campaign

When it comes to growth, the sooner you get one thing straight, the better: you’ll never succeed if you’re merely “running a few campaigns.”

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Growth: Luck of the Draw?

When asked how they want to grow, many of 818 Group’s CEO clients respond simply with “just grow.” Some will add “a lot,” or “double,”

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Marketing: Closed or Open?

Most marketing systems available today take an internally-reflective approach. They are designed to support the ambitions and methods best understood by those managing them and generally follow an “if you build it they will come” model. Essentially, the right bait lures the most fish. Get a fish (or prospect) on the hook (by capturing their personal information) and you can do with them whatever you’d like. Voila!

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Optimizing Growth

We optimize your business for revenue expansion and market performance with proprietary processes based on over 25 years of in-depth experience in multiple industries.

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About Us

Our experience ranges from high tech and leadership development to impressive Web communities and wholesale channel growth. Name it. We’ve likely been there.

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